Get to know the team

We are a team of life-long gamers, open minded, hard working people, with a strong sense of what we want to achieve, but keeping a healthy work/fun balance at all times!

Viken Boyadijan
Fabian Molina
Daniel Vega
Lead Fullstack Engineer
UI/UX Designer
Agustin Tosar
Backend Developer
Hamzah Ahmad
Frontend Developer
Miguel Pacheco
Frontend Developer
Juan Ariel Paradela
Head of Growth
Augusto Chiarito
Community Lead
Our Culture

We're a small and really passionate team working at the intersection of blockchain and gaming. Blast started as a hackathon project, joined an Accelerator program and became a company in July 2021. We truly believe that company culture is a key to success!

We embody the open source ethos from the ground up. Apps and protocols should be open, composable and neutral.
We don't just talk about things, we ship code. We ruthlessly prioritize the most critical tasks and execute them day after day, both independently and as a team.
We're upfront with users when we mess up and honest with ourselves when things aren't working. We do this especially when it's difficult.
'Every `mistake` is seen as an opportunity to make us stronger'. We succeed as a team and we make mistakes as a team. No finger pointing will ever be part of our culture.
We welcome team and community members of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, and from all jurisdictions.
Remote first
The future of work is already here… work from anywhere. We use tools to help us feel close, but also have the freedom to travel, stay at home, or in a co-work space.
On The Road
Our team really enjoys events, from crypto conferences to gaming festivals, we like to attend, co-host and create experiences on many events around the world.
Join Our Team
If you like what we are building you should definitely check out our careers. We are always looking for talented people that share our passion!
End of year
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Volleyball Time
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Water Polo
Punta del Este, Uruguay
AGS Event
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Punta del Este, Uruguay
We are a distributed team
Be part of a global community that loves gaming.